Prime A Pump

Step 1

Turn off the pump

Step 2

Turn off all of the valves on the pipework coming from the swimming pool to the pump, normally these are the suction and skimmer pipework valves

Step 3

Take the clear lid off of the pump, fill the pump with water, a hose or jug will do fine, and then replace the lid

Step 4

Turn the pump back on

Step 5

Slowly fully open one of the valves, through the clear lid you should see water coming in to the pump

Step 6

Run for 2 – 3 minutes, the pump should completely fill with water

Step 7

When the pump is full of water slowly open the remaining valves

Step 8

If there is still no water in the pump then close the valves, turn off the pump and repeat process. If this still does not work contact us, you may have an air leak in the pipework.